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​A beautiful Allium, member of the Ornamental Onion family also lives in Carol O's garden.

Below are some pretty flowers from the garden of Carol F.  Carol has also given us a short description. below the pictures.

This unusual spikey flower is called a Bear's Breeches and is also in Carol O's wonderful garden.

Well, the story I have to tell is about the yellow peony.
I have had it in my yard for 3 years.  I didn't know it would take that long to finally bloom.  The garden center where I bought it didn't tell me that.  When I was close to my 1 year warranty, I contacted them. She said next year it will bloom.  When I was coming up to its 2 year anniversary, I called them again.  She said third year is the charm. Told me I would have 2 or 3 blooms next year & then more each year after that.  Well, she was right.  My first year of blooms & I had 3 of them!  So, be patient if you really want a yellow peony!

 This Monarch decided to take a rest in our Ginko Tree and I was fortunate enough to have my phone with me.
😊Bonnie Meyer

Here is a Jackmani Clemantis that has lived in my garden for many, many years, I think over 25.  Sharon 

Now it is your turn to submit pictures, and perhaps a little story for this page.



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The purpose of this Club is to share our knowledge and love of gardening through educational meetings, contributing to the community, civic beautification, and annual events.

This is a yellow yarrow (Achillea) which has been in my yard for many years.  I no longer remember the exact variety but a common one is called "Moonshine".

This is a single red hollyhock located along the side of our garden shed.  Hollyhocks are biennial in that they are supposed to bloom only every other year.  However, they will reseed themselves.  My original plant died out several years ago but then one came up voluntarily (from seed?) last year and then again in the same spot this year.

 This is a Peach-leaved Bellflower (Campanula Persicifolia) planted between my front sidewalk and house.  A couple of years ago I lost practically all of this plant except for one small stem with a few roots still intact which I pulled out of the ground and planted in a small pot.  I babied this potted plant for 2 years before replanting in my yard.  This year it looks the best that it ever has.


Here is a lovely Peony with a hungry bee in Carol O. yard.

Here are a few pictures of flowers blooming in my yard.  The first one is just a regular lily.  The next two show something new I got this year, It's called Hollyhock Malva.  It is a perennial but I have it in a pot.  The last picture is a red coneflower, also new to me this year

This yucca (Asparagaceae) was the very first plant in my front yard kidney-shaped bed, so it is quite old.  Not sure of the exact variety but looks like "Adam's Needle" (Yucca Filimentosa).

Below is a view of a section of my front yard garden along the driveway.  It is sort of a kidney shaped bed outlined with interlocking concrete edgers.  I began this garden bed many, many years ago but it is still evolving as I added a new plant just this last season.

Members may submit pictures of garden areas or individual plants that they are proud of and would like to share, along with any planting and care tips that have worked for them.  Submit pictures in .jpg or .img format as an attachment to

​Below are pictures from member Sherry and member Bonnie 

Below are some charming pictures from Carol O. & Chuck's lovely garden and a little story