Here is a picture of Carol F.'s lovely Orchid.  She is an expert at raising Orchids and has shared some of her tips with us!​​

Below are some pretty flowers from the garden of Carol F.  Carol has also given us a short description. below the pictures.

Below are some charming pictures from Carol O. & Chuck's lovely garden and a little story

Well, the story I have to tell is about the yellow peony.
I have had it in my yard for 3 years.  I didn't know it would take that long to finally bloom.  The garden center where I bought it didn't tell me that.  When I was close to my 1 year warranty, I contacted them. She said next year it will bloom.  When I was coming up to its 2 year anniversary, I called them again.  She said third year is the charm. Told me I would have 2 or 3 blooms next year & then more each year after that.  Well, she was right.  My first year of blooms & I had 3 of them!  So, be patient if you really want a yellow peony!


I’ve had this orchid for several years and it has been reblooming every year.  It starts blooming in February and lasts for months.  Last year it outdid itself.  It had 22 flowers and bloomed from Feb. to July.  It also has a slight fragrance.

I find that the Phalaenopsis orchid is very easy to grow.  I have 9 of them growing on the sill of my living room window which has a western exposure.  Orchids usually like an eastern exposure but maybe the 3 foot overhang helps.  These orchids are very easy to take care of.  I water once a week and use 1/2 teas. of Hausermann’s  Fertile-ade (8-4-8) to one gallon of water each time.  After they finish blooming I always repot with fresh orchid potting mix.

Members may submit pictures of garden areas or individual plants that they are proud of and would like to share, along with any planting and care tips that have worked for them.  Submit pictures in .jpg or .img format as an attachment to

Here are a few pictures of flowers blooming in my yard.  The first one is just a regular lily.  The next two show something new I got this year, It's called Hollyhock Malva.  It is a perennial but I have it in a pot.  The last picture is a red coneflower, also new to me this year

Now it is your turn to submit pictures, and perhaps a little story for this page.

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