4 years old Arborvitae

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2020 – 6 years old 

Below are a few more pics from my 2020 garden.  I’m experimenting with growing the Summer Crush Hydrangea in a large pot on my front porch.  It made it through the first winter in the garage (not heated).  It started growing in the dark garage in March and I wasn’t sure it would survive.  The Josephine Clematis is new to my garden this year.  It’s kind of spindly and has only one flower on it.  Hoping it will do better next year.  The variegated Iris brightens up the yard with its green and white leaves.  And the Tina crabapple is always spectacular in the spring.

I found an Arborvitae seedling growing in a sidewalk crack under the huge Arborvitae in my backyard in 2014.  I pulled it out of the crack and planted it in a 3” pot, then a 6” pot, followed by the planter shown above and in the ground when finally big enough.  It is now about 5’ 6”.  As you can see it’s put on about 12” of growth this year.

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The pictures below are from member Carol F. with a little story below

Josephine Clematis

In 2016 I found 3 more Arborvitaes in the same sidewalk crack and removed them before the pool demo.  All 3 survived.  I planted 1 in the corner of my backyard and the other 2 are between the back fence and creek.  The one in the corner is a little bit taller because it gets more sun, water, and fertilizer.  When I plant things on the outside of the back fence near the creek, I let them grow naturally (No extra water or fertilizer).  The Juniper died before getting big enough to plant in the ground.

Variegated leaf Iris

1 year old Arborvitaes and Juniper 

Tina Crabapple


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The purpose of this Club is to share our knowledge and love of gardening through educational meetings, contributing to the community, civic beautification, and annual events.

2015 – 3 years old   

Endless Summer, Summer Crush Hydrangea