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Blossom End Rot ON TOMATOES

It seems that this year has been a particularly bad year for Blossom End Rot.  This is a disease that seems to have no real preventative treatment. Several web sites say the cause is related to uneven watering and calcium uptake by the plant, and that tomatoes like to have a rather constant, even water supply.

Cornell University, Vegetable MD Online, says this:  Factors that influence the uptake of water and calcium by the plant have an effect on the incidence and severity of blossom end rot. Vegetable MD Online then goes on to say: Although differences exist among varieties with respect to susceptibility to blossom end rot, no varieties, as yet, have commercially useful resistance.   Read the whole article by following this link:

​Below is the label of a product Chuck has tried.

​The pictures below are from member Chuck's garden